Nothing goes better with great makeup than great hair! Having the perfect hair can make all the difference between looking good and looking great! And Serenity can do the hair you need to go with your makeup.

Serenity offers a hair dressing service which is just what you need to complete your look. No matter whether you are preparing for your wedding or you are just going our for a night of fun with your friends, Serenity will make the hair that will last and make you look your best.

You can trust Serenity with your hair because she is a fully qualified and experienced hair stylist. Having worked for years in the hair dressing and styling field, Serenity has had experience from simple hair styles for people just looking to look great to professional photo shoots for fashion magazines. She is definitely qualified to do your hair!

To book Serenity to do your hair, simply call her on 02102282266 and book her now!

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