So, this NZ Fashion Week was a great Fashion Week for me. I have done a lot of them throughout my M.A.C work life but this year seemed a bit more relaxed. One of the highlights was to work on the Zambesi show. Amber D from M.A.C, led this show of course and the results of the makeup was no less then perfect. The makeup look was fresh yet edgy and it was finished off with a 3d lip effect. Key M.A.C products used in this look were Prep and Prime Moisture Infusion to add a lot of moisture to the skin, Mineralize Moisture spf15 Liquid Foundation for a glossy finish, Chromacake- (mixed to create a green/blue colour), the Chromacake was activated using fix + spray to achieve a thin perfect eyeliner, Redd lip pencil, Ruby Woo lipstick and then Burgundy lipmix to add depth to the 3d effect. Clear lipglass was added at the last minute to add a high shine to lips and make the 3d lip pop.

Backstage was interesting for this show as we had to do makeup touch-ups, and moisturize/conceal the models bodies with the audience watching. Backstage is usually ciaos, so the whole audience got to experience this since the stage area was opened up.

To recreate this makeup look for everyday or a special event, you could use the same or similar key M.A.C products. M.A.C products to use; Prep and Prime Moisture Infusion, Mineralize Moisture spf 15 Liquid Foundation, Clear Brow Set, Teal Pigment made into an eye liner by mixing with Eyeliner Mixing Medium, Redd Lip Pencil, Ruby Woo Lipstick and Clear Lipglass.

……HAVE FUN!!!!

Serenity xx

(Makeup above applied by Amber D from M.A.C.)

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